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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Worth a smile.

On a lighter note, I hung out with my buddy Chris sunday night, whom I went to California with a few weeks ago. He gave me some pictures...we forgot the camera most of the trip but the day we went to Malibu it was in his hands...

It never fails, anytime I'm at the beach an old hairy man insists on wearing a speedo...that day of course was without exception... it's not enough to say that i'm bothered by it... it offends me.

So I filled my friends camera with these photos and Chris took them to Walgreens to get them developed and a cd made. :)
I guarantee his sexuality was questioned.

I had hoped to get these pictures sooner, so that I could include them in a blog about my trip... but it was just as good to get them tonight... for a moment I was back in southern california... cheers!


katherine said...

very profound

Joe said...

i agree.

Righteous said...

That will be me one day, if I'm lucky.