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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Feeling pretty average

Tonight was the apologetics session for Young life. It didn't go as well as I had hoped. I got caught up at work and so wasn't as prepared as i would have liked to be... I was the last person to arrive...which is obviously a bad sign. i got stuck running copies (handouts for the evening), having to run home to grab my stereo for part of the presentation...then i hit traffic which moved slower than molasses... even an ambulance that backed the street for 3 blocks... not to mention my "check engine" light coming on during my commute... seriously all that happened tonight...

I was pretty nervous because I don't love public speaking... it was noticeable... and it's difficult to communicate effectively when you're noticeable nervous... people feel uncomfortable so they really can't pay attention to what it is your saying... the nervousness went away after a few minutes... when I realized that i mostly knew what i was talking about... the technical difficulties were pretty frustrating because i had worked pretty hard on a power point presentation... it was a neat concept anyway.

Very little went as planned tonight... but at least i know what to expect for next Wednesday. I like the idea of improving on my public speaking...because i've never really been comfortable with it. i want to stretch and grow... so i welcome the challenge with open arms.

Club was ok tonight... i enjoyed the worship. I met a couple more guys for my small group... one of them seems to be quite personable and bright...more importantly he seems to "get it" spiritually...at least that was my first impression after a short conversation... so it might be a premature call... if i'm right, he should work to help balance out some of the other guys i'll have...
we'll see. I'm having second thoughts about small groups... but i'm gonna give it a shot anyway... in an attempt to make the title of this entry clearer i'll end it with this quote:

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events and small discuss minds people." -Eleanor Roosevelt

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