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Monday, February 4, 2008

Huge wonder.

Today is a beautiful day. I'm still very much in love with the weather and it should be raining again soon... it's brisk outside, heavy with rain clouds, dark and melodic like a Radiohead song.

I was quite opposed to waking up this morning, but as I write this now a couple hours removed, I feel pretty well rested, could just be the coffee talking though.

My standard mornings begin with a couple firm taps to the snooze button and an immediate, warm to hot shower. I know some evening showerers and some morning showerers, and some twice a day showerers.. I'm a morning showerer because It helps me to wake up. There have been times when I could not bathe in the morning and I actually felt off (not to mention dirty) the entire day, like I had never fully awakened. You know, "showerer" is not a word, but I've now used it a total of five times in a single paragraph.

Anyway, following the wash, I'll throw some clothes on and then find my favorite chair, where I will have my devotional time... Nearby, there stands my piece of crap acoustic guitar in case I feel up to singing, but this rarely occurs first thing in the morning and it's a piece of crap acoustic because I have yet to invest in a nice Taylor cutaway...(sigh). Though I had originally learned to play on an acoustic, for the last several years I've become more of an electric guy...

So, a couple weeks ago, I started incorporating this book that my mom gave me as a Christmas gift into my quiet time. It is a year long guide through the Psalms.

The commentary is simplistic, concise maybe even a tad superficial (for biblical commentary), but I appreciate it for all these reasons. After turning a few pages, I sat for several moments in the quiet of the morning...I asked God to speak to me and then I prayed for a couple people that were as they say "on my heart," though I don't normally pray for folks during my quiet time...

On my drive to work, I listened to the playlist titled, "Encouragement" on my ipod... this is where I've stored my favorite "Christian" songs. The truth is, I listen to this list more than all my rock n' roll compilations, combined...and for those of you who know me, you know how much i loves me that sweet, sweet rock. This forenoon, I lifted my voice hoping it would be heard beyond the steel of my truck, beyond the busy highway, even beyond the massive hills...

So take me as you find me, all my fears and failures, fill my life again... (Mighty To Save, Hillsong United)

...I will lift my eyes in the darkest night, for I know my savior lives, and I will walk with you knowing you'll see me through... (How Can I keep From Singing, Christ Tomlin)

Take these hands and lift them up for I have not the strength to praise you near enough. I have nothing, I have nothing, without you... (Nothing Without You, Bebo Norman)

Your will above all else, my purpose remains. The art of losing myself in bringing you praise.... Consume me from the inside out... (Inside Out, Hillsong United)

You look down from heaven and melt me with your gaze. Then you come down from heaven and wrap me in your wings, and it makes me feel loved again. So close in your arms and it makes me feel home again... (Close to your heart, The Glorious Unseen)

And I found God... Not because things have lined up, or because I found the answers to the questions I've been asking, or a new job or direction or any of that... because I haven't yet. But I found that God was here, in my life, in my morning. I guess it's what we within the body might call, experiencing "God's presence." I don't know exactly how that all works or what it all means, but my feelings were of peace, joy grandeur, and wonder... and they reiterated the propositional knowledge that I that hold as truth in my mind... I felt Him, God and that's no small incidence...(though if I'm not careful I tend to minimize it). It's huge isn't it? Huge.

Here's to enjoying the day...

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