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Sunday, January 20, 2008


Obviously, I spent a little time changing the appearance of this, here blog... I found this picture of a road anticipating a turn...and just fell for it. This picture caught by the lens of an unknown photographer, makes me think of Life. For life is a road, a winding one... and we often have no idea where it will lead us...or what joy or peril, obstacle or blessing awaits us just beyond the curve... I love the color that the picture was developed into, it's hazy with an imbalance of earthly tones, perhaps a touch of sepia... aloof- that's how it feels.

It's Sunday afternoon... I know this not only because the calendar says so...but because I feel it. See, there's a common sentiment that I have often associated with Sunday afternoons. It was upon expressing this idea (or attempting to) with others that I discovered it to be common among several others. *It's a quiet sorrow blended with one part uncertainty and one part loneliness. I could liken it to the feeling you get when you're forced to say goodbye to someone you only started to grow fond of. It's not deep and penetrating because you haven't had time to develop those sibling like emotional ties, but it's there and it hurts because you know you will probably never see them again and because you had not the chance to grow together. Sunday afternoons feel that way to me...have since I was a child... perhaps it's the days behind, the week I'm parting with...the week that once realized, disappears like vapors into the atmosphere.

Currently, I'm sitting outside a coffee shop, which might explain some of my *recipe descriptions of an emotion. This particular afternoon, this brisk, winter afternoon in the middle of a month that's moving too swiftly, I don't just have the previously defined feeling, it's as though it were climaxing... for I think I've carried the melancholy with me for the last 3 days, from sunrise to sunset... why? I'm not sure, so we'll just leave it at that.

I purchased my first audiobook, Through The Painted Desert, by Donald Miller, on itunes on Friday of the week past. Although I'd made a pretty substantial purchase of softcovers earlier this week, I find that as I wait for their arrival I miss the company of another's thoughts. I must say I have been pleasantly surprised. It's a beautiful book and Miller is beginning to really earn my respect as a writer and more importantly a thinker. It's about perfect in audio format...and I'd highly recommend it. More on that later... for now I'm going to sign off and probably go for a drive or find a quiet place outside to sit. I'm supposed to call a couple people to possibly hang out this evening...but I'm honestly not up for it. I really just want to be alone.. still, but I want to be outside my house...so we'll see what I can come up with. I'm about sick of starbucks so anywhere, but here will do.


Christy Marie said...

Loved your description of Sunday afternoons; beautifully painted. I shall have to check out Miller's new book.

Joe said...

Thanks Christy. I think you'll really take to the book! You might even love it :) - Joe