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Monday, December 10, 2007

Mix it up

I most often share only my thoughts and rarely the events...I often wonder if my blog is a pretty dull place of emotional weighty-ness, so today I'm going to share about my weekend, not that it was out of ordinary or anything...but just in the name of variety... As with most of my weekends, it zoomed by. (zoom, zoom). I can't help, but think of Mazda anytime I hear or read the word "zoom" or any tense of it. :)

Friday night I stayed out a bit late, but all in good fun. I arrived at my friend Josh's house after work. Josh lives with his girlfriend Lauren in Phoenix. They are both Jewish and were giving each other Hanukkah gifts, for the 4th night of the celebration. That was neat to watch, Lauren gave Josh a set of poker chips, and a poker table (which I was also thankful to her for) and Josh got Lauren (and himself) 2 tickets to the next Suns game, with press passes for the two of them, so that she might meet some of the players. They lit candles together and I very much enjoyed being a fly on the wall. Then we watched the Suns game.

They are both huge basketball fans, in fact Josh was once a Suns ball boy.

Everybody around these parts seems obsessed with the Suns lately. Now I do enjoy a good College football game once in a while, but I could also live without it.
I don't watch ESPN for highlights, ever. I don't particularly like talking about what happened to this player, or who's contract is up or what team has the winningest record... who should be traded, who should be the MVP this season...I don't ever have to know the score to any game at anytime, I've never had such figures texted to my phone... but most of my male friends and increasingly more female friends do...and it seems this way more and more.

I don't mind that they love it at all... in fact I often end up watching a game and enjoying it in the name of being a good sport...as more often than not anytime my boys and I get together it's inevitable...but I just don't seem to like it as much as everybody else... I guess I'm missing something?

When I was a kid, I did enjoy it a bit more. But nowadays... I just view it as a bunch of grown men, playing a game. And these grown men on occasion curse, cheat, get angry and emotional and even fight over this game...what is more, other grown adults, thousands of them...pay money to watch all this go on...

they're not playing...which is what makes it that much more bizarre to me. they are in no way involved with what happens on the field, court or ice... and yet they wear identical uniforms, hats and hoop and holler as if they were out there themselves...and as if it were a matter of life and death, some of them. But they are merely spectators, nothing more. Sometimes these spectators even curse, yell, lose their heads and in extreme cases fight themselves... but again it's all just a game...that they are merely watching unfold.

All this to say, that I just don't get it, it's completely lost on me...but to each his/her own.

I do know people want to feel a part of something...something significant... something bigger than themselves to identify with...which is why people often relate to the team closest to their hometown... or some to the "best" most winningest team or player.

Anyway, post suns game, I actually learned to play the Dreidel that night, which is like the Jewish equivalent of rolling dice. Josh kept winning, so I joked that he was spinning the thing like Jesus would. With all this tradition around me, (they also had gelt and several choice Hanukkah foods) I couldn't help, but consider how religious tradition is in and of itself far from being a real worldview, but many really don't understand a distinction exists. What I mean is my friends are Jewish in so far as they recognize all the holidays and understand much of the traditions... but know or believe very little about the worldview, as well, a worldview. It doesn't seem to truly work it's way into their lives...with regards to their day to day living and that pretty much sums up our culture. Religion, philosophy or a worldview is often just a small portion of a person's identity in post modern culture. Even though so contrary to what's implicitly suggested in the very term, worldview.

Anyway, I'm rambling on my thoughts again...

When the other guys arrived, Lauren left to hang out with the ladies...and we started our Texas Hold em' game... armed with Josh's New Poker chips (Purple and Orange; Phoenix Suns colours) and his new green felt table- with built in cup holders, great for ice cold beer :)

We talked our usual nonsense, making fun of one another at every possible point.
We laughed a great deal, had Burger King, got into some serious conversations regarding relationships, our futures, careers and the like... stepped outside and enjoyed the rain...and played until our eyes could hardly stay open. It had been a while since I got home at 3 am... but I really enjoyed it... Of course that meant saturday would be quite difficult...as my body doesn't seem to recover as quickly as it used to.

Saturday was dedicated to recording my other friend Josh (yeah I have a few Joshuas in my life). Cliff my old bandmate came over as well... following our session we had dinner... but after that I stayed in, feeling pretty exhausted.

Sunday was church, I slept in and made it to a later service... I sat next to a family who had 2 daughters. One of whom was probably about 6 or 7... she was adorable and kept starting at me... she made me smile...I must be getting old... it also made me really sad too... because I thought of Andrea and Maddie...

Following church I sat at a Starbucks that I hadn't been to in a long time... I was supposed to meet with one of the guys in my small group. He was quite late so I sat by myself for a while... I hadn't brought with me any books, so I found a corner of the cafe and sat observing people. Upon his arrival my small group friend and I talked a great deal about our longing and need for community... I'm not at liberty to talk about what he's been through...but his childhood looked vastly different from mine, or from most others. Interestingly enough though, his longings are similar to those of mine and everybody elses. We all feel so disconnected...so lost... we all just want to feel loved...and less alone.

Talking with my new friend really made me realize how much we as Christians really suck sometimes at being a church... We only prance around with the trappings of community... we think because a bunch of people are getting together once a week to sing songs and have a good time or because there are social events lining calendars, that we are a Christian community...but we forget the reaching out part... we don't really stop to get to know one another... a stranger...the outsiders, those who should most be reached out to. We don't do it like Jesus would. Jesus wasn't just trying to have a good time with his friends...he was always reaching out. I am very much guilty of this. People just want to be accepted and loved, invited to the movies, talked to, listend to, authentically cared about and I'm worried about how this person might not be my favorite person to talk to, or they're "weird" or not fun to be around... as if my having a good time is the most important thing...

I was grateful for the conversation...and I hope he learned half as much as I did. Afterwards, I headed over to Brad's and we hung out watching Miami Ink and talking about our next tattoos and how I'd like to marry a tattoo artist...


Christy Marie said...

I could have written half of this post, if not more. ;p

I think we’re siblings, separated at birth. Of course, this would make you an Irish/Swedish mutt, but whatever. ;)

Enjoy today, friend! Thanks for writing.

Joe said...

Ms. Christy Marie, As always thanks for stoppin by and leaving me a nice comment. I think I could try the Irish/Swedish mutt thing for a while, see how it fits. Being korean gets boring after a while :) - Joe

Christy Marie said...

Haha. You'd also have to add in some Choctaw Indian, some Welsh, some German, and some Scottish in there. ;p

Anyway you're welcome.

Your last comment made me laugh aloud - I think the tattoo thing is reflective of a generational preference. Most men I speak to who are older don't want their women inked; my last boyfriend preferred it; perhaps it's reflective of whether or not the men have tattoos themselves?

I got into a dialogue, though,one time with a man of my father's generation who abhored the idea of a woman being tattooed. It threw me for a loop, but his idea of the feminine is partially marred if they have a tattoo.

It's too simplistic to simply say what was rebellious in one generation is now artistic in another, but...

=) Rambling, as ever.

Enjoy today.

Joe said...

Definately a generational preference...

I know it's totally irrational, but I like girls with substantial tats or none at all... I can't really explain it... and I'm sort of an elitist when comes to the type of tats...(but I admit it's to my fault).

of course none of it really matters in the end... but since we're talking trivial/superficial preference... :)

Your "simplistic" statement is true... it's really not a sign of rebellion anymore... which kind of doesn't make it as fun... ;)

Christy Marie said...

Wow – irrational, no kidding! All or nothing, eh? Maybe there’s a deeper philosophy underlying that preference. ;p

It might be said I’m elitist as well when it comes to tattoos. Heh.

I’m also inconsistent – I like tattoos on men but shudder or grimace if I see them on a woman. Strange? Yeah. But maybe not so strange. I love the differences between masculinity and femininity, and I think for me, I see tattoos as something masculine – nevermind the girlfriends who have them. ;p And if women are supposed to represent femininity, then maybe that is why I hold this double standard.

Joe said...

hey, I admitted it was irrational. :)

I can see what you're saying... I like the idea of preserving femininity and masculinity... it is a celebration of the uniqueness of both.

Are there support groups for us tattoo elitists? - Joe

Christy Marie said...

Hahaha. If there isn’t, there should be!

Well, I take that back. If tattoos are now primarily artistic expressions, and not signs or acts of rebellion, then it would logically follow, would it not, that the same artistic preference we would apply to other works of art should be applied to our taste and preference in tattoos, right?

See? This craziness makes actual sense!! ;p

Joe said...

Appears to be sound reasoning to me. ;)