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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Winter night

The rain was so beautiful. The cold even more so... It feels like winter now, fully, but winter in a distant place.

I stepped outside this evening to have a smoke... and the clouds had cleared a substantial path up above... and I could see stars and a reddish planet in the deep blue heavens.
Both belt and Warrior were enormous, stretching across the darkly skies... leaving but a small corner for a shimmering ladle and a cluster of stray diamonds...

but as hard as i looked I couldn't find Cassiopeia...not without you here to point her out for me... I sat until i could no longer feel my finger tips... i waited because i've lost my way...

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Christy Marie said...

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I look forward to reading your posts; quickly skimming (because dinner is calling), it appears we have some similar interests, and at least some similar current reads. (Miller's one of my favorites, A Severe Mercy is on my bedside in my stack of books "to read next"). =)