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Tuesday, December 4, 2007


This is pretty funny... I can't say I read it all, but the idea behind the whole situation made me laugh. And look at the bids! People are truly insane... although i think i'd take these over a grilled cheese sandwich with Jesus' face on it. :)

Check it out

just in case the hyperlink doesn't work:



timuthee said...

Have you seen she's got a blog? hahaha she's pretty witty woman..

Christy Marie said...


I’m the oldest of seven kids, so add one more kid to her description of her shopping adventures, and my mother could have written it. Scary how familiar the account was. ;)

Thanks for sharing. Reminded me of my childhood.

Joe said...

Her blog is great and she's "virtually" famous. Had I known, I would have had several kids by now ;)

Joe said...

Christy, Your parents out-did the mormon side of my family... quite a feat. :)

Christy Marie said...

Haha, Joe. Did they? I might have had even more siblings had my father not gotten sick and then subsequently passed away; seven wasn’t a large number to us, but of course, we didn’t know anything else. In theory, we knew it was a large family, but our day to day told us it was normal.

And I love it now, as an adult. Though the craziness can be…well…uh…crazy. ;)

(And no, no Mormonism, Catholicism, or any Amish or Mennonite in our background, haha, in case you’re wondering, as people almost always inevitably wondered when they found out about how large our family was. And yes, we’re all from the same mother and father, too. ;)

Joe said...


Mennonite? LOL. I wouldn't have thought to ask that, please tell me someone has actually asked you...

Christy Marie said...

Haha, not seriously, but yes, it's been asked before.

I threw in "Amish" just for good measure. ;p

How many siblings do you have?

Joe said...


I have one natural brother who is older than me, and 3 step siblings... only one of whom I actually know. I know it sounds complicated, but it works. :)